REX Roundtables Is Not Business Coaching – It’s More!

My social media feed – like yours probably – is filled with fitness business coaches.  They promise you the world: “10X Income” or “50 leads a week” or “Work anywhere in the world on your laptop!”  These statement may well be true but there is not one business coach on the planet that come close to delivering what REX Roundtables delivers!

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Growth Mindset: Why Hitting Your Targets Should Never Be Enough

Does your team have a growth mindset, or are they hard and fast focused on their targets?  I’m currently reading the book The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth: Live Them and Reach Your Potential by John Maxwell.  In his book, a growth mindset is going above and beyond with your key performance indicators (KPIs).  For…

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4 Ways to Add Value to Your Business Without Lowering Your Prices

JTintheRaw 279

I want to give you some powerful insight around the concept of adding value. Adding value is a key component in building deep connections with people. This is true whether we are talking about business or in life.  When we talk about adding value, our first thought is money. We automatically think I want to add value…

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