Fitness Business Education, Networking, Breakfast & So Close To You!


As a former gym owner, I know how much I wanted to educate myself to make my business stronger.  There was always the challenge of time out of the business and the financial return on education.

That’s the beauty of FitnessBiz 2023 as we are coming to a capital city near you! We are starting early, feeding you and finishing mid-morning to allow you to get back to the business!

But in just under 3 hours I am going to jam pack every minute with quality educational information that will help your business the next day, the next week and into next year!  So pick the city closest to you and grab a ticket today:

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FitnessBiz is the only public conference where I'll be sharing these game-changing best business practices this year. Secure your ticket now and be at the forefront of the fitness industry's evolution.

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