Iron Maiden Is More Than A Band To REX Roundtables

REX Roundtables is not about just gym owners! We have REX Roundtables for general managers, PT managers, group fitness managers & pickleball managers. In Australia, we have a REX for performance gyms, CrossFit boxes, HIIT studios, yoga studios, Pilates studios, PT businesses and studios. And exclusive to the US, we have our Iron Maidens REX led by Allison.

So we asked, Michel Umphrey to share what the Iron Maidens was in her words:

Meet the REX Iron Maidens: 260 collective years of industry experience, where Iron represents our strength and Maiden is the privilege of being the first all-female REX group.

We are fitness. 

A collective representation of the people in clubs and studios with a variety of experiences, abilities, and goals.

Our age span is 41 years; giving us historical perspective and Gen Z knowledge. This is useful for interpretation; only one of us knew what “bed rotting” was and some of us remember Jane Fonda workouts. 

We provide each other the space of inclusion, challenge, and success just like our members are seeking through membership. These perspectives are brought back to our individual locations, providing a better collaborative experience for everyone we work with and for.

This tribe of fierce females show up to be each other’s accountability partners, coaches, cheerleaders, and therapist; a safe place to share successes, misses and to be vulnerable about the challenges being a female in leadership roles can present.

We are grateful to the men who mentored and challenged us, and we strive to offer those same opportunities to other fitness professionals. 

Had we not selected “Iron Maiden’s” this article would likely have been “Meet the BAB’s.


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