Peak body applauds Queensland for keeping the state active

FairPlay voucher expansion and Million Moves rollout funding announced

AUSactive has applauded the Queensland Government’s budget focus on keeping children active through cost-of-living initiatives while also supporting the industry to roll out the successful Million Moves campaign.

From today 1 July 2024, Queensland’s Sport and Recreation’s popular FairPlay program will open to all children aged between 5 to 17 years giving them access to $200 per child to offset the rising costs of junior sports and fitness activities.
Increasing from $150 to $200 as part of the recently announced Queensland Budget, 200,000 vouchers will be made available for children to participate in eligible sport and active recreation.

In addition, AUSactive has also been granted funding to roll out its Million Moves Challenge after a successful pilot on the Sunshine Coast last month.

AUSactive CEO Barrie Elvish said the FairPlay vouchers and Million Moves funding would ensure people of all ages continued to prioritise regular physical activity.

“Prioritising regular physical activity is not only important for our overall health and wellbeing but establishing a regular routine that involves physical activity also helps to prevent a whole range of lifestyle related illnesses and diseases,” Mr Elvish said.

“Getting our kids active too at a young age enables them to understand the importance of regular exercise but also the fun and enjoyment that comes with keeping active with friend and family.”

Alarmingly 75% of Australians don’t get the required amount of physical exercise each day. AUSactive’s Million Moves Challenge pilot campaign was designed to highlight these statistics by getting people of all ages to move 75 times each day for 21 days – the time it takes to form a new routine.

Mr Elvish said the broader Queensland rollout of the Million Moves challenge was about promoting the health benefits of getting active and most importantly getting people off the couch and into a routine that involves regular physical movement.

“Australians have become drastically inactive, and the more all levels of government can do to turn the tide and get more people active the better. These new budget Initiatives that support Queenslanders to keep active, even when cost of living bites, are fantastic and we can’t wait to rollout our Million Moves challenge to motivate more people to get involved!” Mr Elvish said.

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