Ignite Your Fitness Business On August 2nd

You’ll receive a spark on August 2nd that will Ignite your business but only if you are at Ignite in Melbourne! Get your ticket now at IgniteFitness.com.au.

I am stoked to be joining a host of the best of the best speakers and business consultants in Melbourne on Friday 2nd August where I am going to challenge you to not look at what’s wrong with your business but what is right and where the opportunities are for you. 

In my 15 minute presentation, I will:

  • Share an example of a referral campaign that has driven more sales than you can imagine! 
  • Explain the difference between retention and attrition so you are on the same page as the rest of the world.
  • Provide a strategy to improve your retention number that will result in a huge ROI of your labour.  
  • Find solutions to boost your staff NPS which will directly correlate to enhancing your staffing opportunities, so let’s boost that NPS! 

PLUS I want to plant a seed for the owners in the room of how you can you turn your profit into personal wealth. 

Additionally, Lisa the General Manager of MysteryShoppingForFitnessBusinesses.com.au will be with me and we’ll give you an overview of 12 months of sales trends since we were at Ignite last year.

Whether you come to Ignite for the key notes, the education sessions, the sponsor presentations or just to network I guarantee you will leave the Crown Plaza in Melbourne on the road to more effective and efficient business.

Get you ticket at IgniteFitness.com.au and I look forward to seeing you on Friday 2nd August!

Your business is a treasure chest, you just need to know where to look.