Add 4K Colour To Your Industry Connections

Building connections with fellow gym and studio owners is important and I will be the first to admit that networking at conferences and joining Facebook groups will certainly help.

But for me this is growth in black & white.

To add colour – even 4K definition – is when you go beyond networking and have conversations. Two way conversations are a mixture of questions, answers and more questions!

Picture this: the exchange between you and several trusted industry peers of what works and what doesn't when it comes to marketing or human resource management or even the re-writing of your lease.

These conversations are golden nuggets! They don't just save you time but turbo charges effectiveness and perhaps more importantly reduces the weight of stress on your shoulders.

As someone deeply entrenched in the fitness industry, I've seen the power of collaboration first-hand. Time is your most valuable asset, and why spend it reinventing the wheel?

REX Roundtables provides a safe-space or a trusted circle where the collective wisdom of industry peers becomes your secret weapon. Discovering what works from those who've been there expedites your growth, profitability and success.

If saving time, boosting effectiveness, and cutting down stress resonate with you, isn't it high time we chatted about the world of REX Roundtables?.

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