August has been a huge month for Fitness Equipment Cafe! On top of the usual commercial fitness equipment news and video releases, Technogym handed us an inside look at the way athletes used their fitness equipment in the Olympic Village at Rio 2016!

You’ll find August’s fitness equipment highlights below:

Technogym @ Rio 2016

Technogym supplied 1,200 pieces of fitness equipment to 15 different athlete training centres for the duration of the games. To ensure a lasting legacy beyond August, Technogym created a global social media campaign. Named: Lets MOVE For Rio, it encouraged MyWellness cloud users to log Technogym ‘MOVES’ to help donate equipment. The result was 600 pieces of fitness equipment donated to 22 public gyms in Rio’s most disadvantaged communities. Nice touch Technogym! 

Rio Photo Galleries

Technogym shared so many absolutely fantastic photos that I decided divvy them up into categories. Each post includes a brief overview of the equipment featured. Personally, I love seeing images of the worlds greatest athletes training on similar gear as ‘us regular folk’.

You can click on each link below to view the inspiring athletes using the various equipment:

Precor Spinning 

Late last year Spinning declared a changing of the guard, announcing Precor as their new bike manufacturer.

Precor have developed 3 bikes at 3 price points, starting with the Spinner RIDE, Spinner SHIFT, and the top of the range Spinner RALLY.

All three bikes promote Spinning proudly, with Precor’s logo subtly placed on the repair panel.

Here is the Spinning interview and demo video:

MYZONE Club Solution

In essence, MYZONE offer clubs an engaging wearable technology solution that aims to build a stronger community within your gym.

The heart of the solution is the MZ-3 heart rate strap and cloud based app. This solution can be used whenever and where ever the individual choses, however the real power is within the gym. In the gym, users can view their performance data live via visual display panels and clubs can harness this immediate feedback in creative and fun ways during group fitness sessions.

This demo video shows how easy it is for club operators / class instructors to control the system via a smart phone.

Technogym Connect Bike

The Technogym Group Cycle Connect is a solution that combines indoor cycling with interactive technology via the bikes console and large display panels.

The belt driven, magnetic resistance bikes connect to the MyWellness cloud via QR Code, and NFC (bluetooth). I really like this aspect as up until now class bikes have missed out on MyWellness data retention. WooHoo! 

Queenax APP and Demo

Queenax have designed an app that helps gym owners and operators custom build a functional training rig that suits the gym’s needs. You can start by inputting the length and width of the space you have available and allow Queenax to recommend a few solutions… OR you can custom build your own. It’s a lot of fun to dream… Check out the Queenax App demo here:

You can also view a quick interview and demo of the Queenax I filmed at the Melbourne Fitness Expo earlier this year.

Jenna Douros – Technogym Ambassador

Jenna Douros is super fit, full of energy and charasmatic! It is no wonder Technogym signed her up as an Ambassador earlier this year. I was really impressed by her effort over the Fitness Expo weekend, demo’ing equipment and talking to people. She certainly knows her stuff! Check out her thoughts (& demo) on Technogym’s SKILLMILL.


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