Today we hear from Kenn Gudbergsen!

What did you love or enjoy most from your #FITS2019 experience?

I really loved the clear focus on how tech and data can enable the fitness industry to evolve. All the speakers had interesting insights and I especially enjoyed the practical takeaways they all brought.

What was your #1 insight or ‘ah ha’ moment for #FITS2019?

Voice search! I mean, wow! That was definitely my biggest ‘ah ha’ moment during the summit. This is an area that we all need to get started on now, and definitely something that we at TrainAway will be looking into.

What were 3 ideas you want to turn from ideas into actions?

  1. Voice search. We will start working on how we can enable our website to be ‘Voice readable’ and build a plan from there on.
  2. Data quality. We will be looking at some of the tools that were mentioned during the presentations like Snowflake, in our efforts to unify and improving our data quality.
  3. Think customer first. We will reevaluate our goals and metrics to ensure that we are actually tracking and improving what is most important to the users!

Why should someone attend #FITS2020?

Anyone who is interested in how technology and data can be leveraged to improve their business should attend! The summit gives deep insights into best practices and a whole range of very practical takeaways and tools.

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