Gym Marketing – What Should My Gym Marketing Budget Be?

Gym Marketing – What Should My Gym Marketing Budget Be?

Justin Tamsett of Active Management answers the question of ‘What Should My Gym Marketing Budget Be?’ in this gym marketing tip.

 I am regularly asked at conferences, how much should I spend on my marketing?

 My answer, which is rarely liked, is “Whatever it takes to get the results in your business!” 

You see there is not a simple answer to this question, so yes it is a little cryptic.

Great video for gyms and fitness centres on marketing ideas and tips.

What should your gym marketing budget be?

Generally, I would suggest between 5% and 15% of turnover — which is a huge range.

Obviously, if you need more leads, you will probably have to spend more.

A better question and one is to answer provided you track your source of enquiries is “Where should the majority of my marketing budget go?”

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