Happy Birthday for January!

Birthday cake

Happy Birthday to all our Active friends that celebrate their birthday in January!

  • Paul Lewis from Fit To Travel, NSW
  • Craig Hale from Anytime Fitness, NSW
  • Tracy Gott from The Fitness Mum, Western Australia
  • Debbie Jones from Anytime Fitness, Australia
  • Andy Yelds from Mingara One, NSW
  • Duncan Marchant from Coffs Coast Health Club, NSW
  • Dom Trimboli from Fun Life Gym, South Australia
  • Mel Vetter from TAFE, NSW
  • Manny Katts from Warriorkatt, NSW
  • Scott Robertson from Anytime Fitness, NSW
  • Tony de Leede from Fit N Fast, NSW
  • Richie Garard from She Fitness, NSW
  • David O’Keefe from Inside Out Health & Fitness, NSW
  • Alissa Hall from UFC Gym, NSW
  • Jodie Parker from Fresh Start Health & Fitness, NSW
  • Claud McDonald from Clean Health, NSW
  • Jason Clarke from Kosama Fitness, Queensland
  • Mark Stitt from Suncoast Fitness, Queensland
  • Steve Jensen from Impact Training, Australia
  • Jason Laurence from Queensland
  • Dominic Wilson from Genesis Camberwell, Victoria
  • Richard Bell from Australian Institute of Fitness, NSW
  • Dallas Rosekelly from Planet Fitness, NSW
  • Libby Wallace from Inflict Group Fitness, NSW
  • Mike Warren from Zento, Western Australia
  • Phil Ayres from Australian Institute of Fitness, Australia
  • David Mackman from David Mackman PT, UK
  • Victor Brick from Planet Fitness, USA
  • Nicholas Osborne from GO: Sports Performance, USA
  • Amanda Vogel from Active Voice, Canada
  • Stephen Tharrett from Dinosaur Games, USA
  • Grant Gamble from ACAC Fitness & Wellness, USA
  • Jennifer Perry Reinert from Midtown Athletic Club, USA
  • Solana Trucco from Argentina
  • Rizwan Sayed from Your Fitness Club, India
  • Michelle Miller from Cross Training Couture, USA
  • Rocio Ugalde-Parodi from Lemon’s Gym, Peru
  • Roberto Rosas from Mercado Fitness, Argentina
  • Marcelo Nishihara from Tucuman
  • Nikhil Agarwal from India
  • Ashley Weir from Adrenalin Health Club, Victoria

To celebrate your birthday this year we have TWO great gifts.

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  1. Tracy on January 24, 2014 at 21:27

    Hi Justin,

    Thanks for the birthday message. Roger and I have now started Gott Health http://www.gotthealth.com.au Check it out when you have 5 minutes. We’ve also written some books and have them on Amazon. We’ve been quietly working towards the dream. Great to see your business going strength to strength. Hoping to be on a speaking “tour” with you one day, not very far away 🙂

    Tracy and Roger