Help Your Team #ThriveGalorein24

Here is something I have been working on . . .  Each year I try to put a tool  together to help stimulate a reflection session and goal setting session for you and also to use with your staff.

As a thank you for following our blog, this is my gift to you.

How to use:

#ThriveGaloreIn24 is the theme and there are 2 simple forms to complete:

  1. Thrive Galore in 24 is a form the staff complete in their own time. They hand write their answers (greater impact on them when they write as opposed to type).  They can send the form to whom they report OR bring it with them on their face to face (see mins 29-30).
  2. One to One is where the staff member sits down with their direct report and shares their plans for the year ahead.  This part of the 1:1 is just 30mins. You may like to add an extra 15 mins to discuss their reflections.

Note – I would suggest there is an absolute check in at the end of each quarter on their progress. For best results with team members a face to face or call each month will help them progress.

Complete the form below to grab yours!