Announcing the Revamped Australian REX Roundtable: Elevate Your PT Business with Exclusive Leadership & Business Development!

Exciting news for the Australian fitness industry!

As of January 2024, the Australian REX Roundtable for Personal Trainers is gearing up for a powerful relaunch and is currently accepting applications!

With an impressive 35-year legacy, REX Roundtables has been a stalwart in the global fitness industry. Currently having over 1000 gyms and studios as members, REX Roundtables helps owners feel less lonely and more in control of their business.

For over a decade, I have successfully run a PT REX Roundtable, primarily catering to New South Wales PTs. In 2024, we’re taking this to the national stage, making it an unmissable opportunity for fitness professionals across the country.

Who qualifies for the PT Rex Roundtable? Owners of PT businesses, encompassing a range of models:

  • Face-to-face enterprises (limited value for businesses entirely online)
  • Outdoor ventures
  • Indoor contractors in gyms
  • Studio-based setups
  • Membership-based small gyms
  • One-on-one and group training services

The ideal candidate for REX Roundtables is a business owner who is:

  • Eager to explore innovative ideas for business growth
  • Open to sharing both successes and failures for mutual learning
  • Committed to adopting long-term strategies over quick operational fixes

Distinguishable from other business mastermind programs, REX Roundtables boasts an impressive track record of 35 years. I personally chair 8 chair REX Roundtables – 4 in the US and 4 in Australia.

What sets us apart is that our agenda for each meeting is collaboratively designed by the members themselves, fostering peer-to-peer support and problem-solving tailored to enhance your unique business needs.

Our monthly 60-minute Zoom meetings provide a platform for a 40-minute member-led agenda, facilitating valuable knowledge exchange. Additionally, each session includes a 20-minute segment where I share the latest trends and industry insights.

Throughout the year, we delve into critical aspects of your business, analysing KPIs, sharing business plans, constructing marketing strategies, and challenging you to develop a wealth plan—deciding how to utilize the profits your business generates.

Running a genuine business can be both challenging and isolating. REX Roundtables ensures you become part of a non-competing collective of like-minded business owners, all striving for increased profit, reduced stress, and more quality time with loved ones.

Take action now as only 12 PT business owners can join connect with me to secure your spot in this incredible REX Roundtable! I guarantee, the REX experience is unlike anything you’ve encountered before, making it your most impactful business decision this year!