Mastermind Panel for COVID-19 Planning

Our panel of experts understand the pain you are currently in with compulsory closures, members suspending, grappling with virtual or on-line programming, members cancelling and the numerous staff issues. They share their top idea for where you are currently.

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Who Is Loud Rumor?

Loud Rumor

Chantal Brodrick, Host of the Fitness Business Podcast chats with Mike Arce, CEO at Loud Rumor about who they are, what they do and their new Virtual Training program for Fitness Businesses.

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WIN: Around The World In 60 Minutes

Take a journey around the planet as JT shares his insights from gyms, studios, franchises and PT studios across the planet. He will share photos and stories from places he has visited. See examples of great websites and marketing campaigns.

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FR3 Minutes #12 | Enhancing Your Leadership in 3 Minutes

Welcome to FR3 Minutes For Your Fitness Business with actionable tips this week to focus on your leadership behaviours! These behaviours will sound simple and perhaps they are.  The success comes from maniacal consistency – a great challenge from anyone.

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