Fitness Industry Technology Summit 2019 Insights | Corey Ramsay from YMCA VIC

Today we hear from Corey Ramsay!

What did you love or enjoy most from your #FITS2019 experience?

I loved the opportunity to hear insights from people outside of our regular industry colleagues discussing how we can better use our customer data and insights to not only have a positive impact on our customer experience but use them to drive our successful business.

What was your #1 insight or ‘ah ha’ moment for #FITS2019?

CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT – making sure that we tailor our content to the desired target!

What were 3 ideas you want to turn from ideas into actions?

  1. Analysis of marketing and content to ensure it aligns with who our members are.
  2. Structuring our Facebook and Digital posts based on when our page likers/fans are online – we need to review this data first!
  3. Better using things like IGTV or Instagram Stories.

Why should someone attend #FITS2020?

They will hear about how real world examples and insights can help further improve how the fitness industry operates in a digital environment.

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