Helping Gym Owners Sleep Better – Not What You Think!

Dr Michael Breus is the Sleep Doctor – and he put nobody to sleep as he explained to 250+ REX Roundtable members on the importance of sleep at the pre-IHRSA event last month.

He shared so many nuggets in his presentation, there are too many to mention but this one jumped out me: if you have people who operate better in the afternoon then they will be disengaged in your Monday morning meeting!

Dr Breus shared 4 chronotypes of people and their sleep patterns.  Each chronotype has the best time for sleeping, eating, working out, problem solving and more.  When you know your chronotype and your team’s you can make your work days massively productive! Do the free quiz here –

My top 7 takeaways:

  1. Research shows the most important thing you can do to improve sleep is exercise.
  2. How critical a good night’s sleep is AFTER staff training sessions.
  3. When to do cardio/lift/yoga based on who we are.
  4. 90mins after waking up can you have caffeine.
  5. If you have a team who are all lions, the afternoon meetings may not be the best and vica versa if they are wolves.
  6. Build the perfect daily routine for sleeping, eating, exercising and resting.
  7. Stage 3 and 4 sleep is recovery, restoration process and stage where clearing of waste products of the brain that is linked to Alzheimer’s – if not getting stage 3 and 4 not clearing waste products.

If you would like a copy of the slides from Dr Breus’s presentation, complete the form below and put ‘Sleep Doctor’ in the message.