What Makes A Successful Fitness Business?

In the last month, we received this wonderful testimonial on the value of REX Roundtables to Cindy from Life & Soul, located in north-western Australia.


“Belonging to REX Roundtables has not only helped shape the success of our fitness businesses, they have supported me in our vision to be better, to think broader and implement better business practises. 

I began working with REX over 10yrs ago, with two Clubs, very little infrastructure and a messy but BIG purpose and ambition. 

REX helped develop our internal systems, management infrastructure and gave guidance in every aspect of running our business to allow us to scale to 15 Clubs and Studios throughout the most remote areas of Australia.

The greatest part of REX is the like-minded people you meet, the networking and contacts you make and lifelong friendships. We laugh, debate, argue, listen and share ideas in a safe place.

JT inspires, educates and brings the best out in business owners so we can be the best for our people. At every turn there is someone wanting to share their knowledge and experience .. all of us on Australian REX guarantees this guy is the ‘real deal’.

Regardless of the size of your fitness business, contact Justin@rexroundtables.com to realise your vision. Super glad I made the enquiry all those years ago!

Thank you JT and REX Roundtables for my backpack to recognise the time I’ve spent with you.”