How Do I Make My Gym Standout?

Last year at #FitnessBiz23 I shared multiple ways for your gym, studio, leisure centre and fitness facility in general to stand out from your competitors.  And you need to as every market is saturated with fitness service offerings, so you must be known for something OR you’ll be known for nothing!

While we are just a few months in to 2024, there are some early re-occurring themes:

  • Design, build & implement a unique atmosphere: When you have a distinct vibe that resonates with your target audience you will stand out. For example, a welcoming community feel or a high-energy, performance-driven workout environment.
  • Specialised Training Programs: Develop unique, specialised training programs tailored to specific fitness goals. This could be functional training for athletes or holistic wellness programs for seniors. Your offering can be a unique training experience where word will spread through your community
  • Cutting-Edge Equipment: Yes you should invest in state-of-the-art equipment that can distinguish your gym & maybe this is important today to separate you but tomorrow your competitors just buys new equipment and catches you. Taking this option will separate you but the question is: for how long?
  • Personalised Coaching Services: Offering more than just personal training for a workout and moving toward a personalised coaching services to elevate the fitness experience to a holistic care package of your members. One-on-one sessions, personalised training plans, and nutritional guidance can defeat on-line programming who are also your competition.
  • Engaging Events and Challenges: Most people join gyms for results and require accountability and support to achieve their results. Events and challenges are the opportunity to fill this void and high touch and high cost programs will work as will low cost and low touch programs. Committing to a 12 month plan of events and challenges will have your members talking!

Seth Godin (guru marketer) defines ‘remarkable’ as ‘worthy of remarks.’  If you want to be a remarkable fitness facility that people talk about (ie remark on) then consider one of the 5 points above.  Tackle one then the next then the next and so on. Before long you’ll make your gym standout!


This year at #FitnessBiz24 I will be sharing loads more ideas to make your gym remarkable.  And between now and FitnessBiz Month in November, I am gifting anyone who registers to attend a monthly ‘Competitive Advantage Brief’ each month.

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