Unveiling The Human Edge – Defining Business Success Beyond AI

Are you ready to redefine business success in the Age of Emotion and Relation?

Join us for a transformative experience at the REX Business Summit 2024, where the true cornerstone of success—your people—takes center stage.

Event Details

📅 Date: Friday, June 14, 2024
🏛 Venue: East Bank Club, 500 North Kingsbury Street, Chicago, IL 60654
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Why Attend?

In a world buzzing about AI’s efficiency, this summit highlights the irreplaceable value of human connection. Learn from industry leaders about innovative strategies for identifying, retaining, and nurturing top talent to propel your business to new heights.



Event Highlights

8:00 AM: East Bank Club Tour
10:00 AM: Welcome by Eddie Tock, CEO REX Roundtables
10:15 AM: “The Emotion & Relation Age” with Justin Tamsett
11:15 AM: “The Foundation of Your People Culture”
11:40 AM: “6 Key Fitness Insights for 2024” with Jenn Kuehn
1:00 PM: Panel Discussion: “Using People as the Glue with Members” featuring Allison Flatley, Jamie Revell, Chez Misko, and Mel Kleist
2:00 PM: “How Staff Receive $1000 Tips at a Pizza Shop” with Nick Sarillo, INC Magazine Cover Story.

Don’t miss this opportunity to lead with adept influence and unlock the full potential of your workforce.

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