If You Hate Waiting So Do Your Members | The Solution Is Here

The 2024 consumer simply hates waiting – you do, I do and your members/prospects do too!  If you make them wait, they’ll leave.

Your 2024 goal must be to minimise wait time in your facility to exceed member expectations and enhance retention.

A phrase that is used in many service industries is to either kill the wait time or fill the wait time and your fitness business is no different. Whenever, there is a member or a prospect waiting, your goal must be to get rid of that wait time or fill it with ‘something.’  An example is while your prospect is waiting for someone to tour then you have the prospect engage in something meaningful or you get that membership consultant out to them pronto!

In 2024, walk in your members shoes and identify physically and when do your members have to wait and then fill that wait time.  Otherwise, they may fill this wait time Googling for … you actually don't want to know!

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