The 6 Step ‘Boutique Club within a Club’ Plan – Part 2


Step 2 – Branded Boutiques Create Value

The old thinking was that the success of any new programming was exclusively dependent on the fitness training modality. But for consumers (your members) it’s about the total package: the brand, the presentation and especially the systemized outcomes.

Step 3 – Branded, Segmented Programs

This can’t just be about the push-ups (or equipment).

Dedicating this department to any particular piece of equipment (large or small) is a flawed business strategy as the focus is on the equipment and not the member’s experience or results.

The trick here is to ensure the programming is outcome based and appeals to difference personalities styles.   Consider having competitive & non-competitive programs or programs that teach something new every time.

Average experiences and results will fail to create value in member’s minds and will not maximize program sales. This is what keeps them coming back for more.

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