Get in the zone before even taking a seat at the Summit

The next virtual session in the Fitness & Recreation Industry Technology Summit pre-event series is coming up…

Join us for this (*FREE*) marketing deep-dive Q&A with Jonathan Weiner – author, insight driven leader, marketer, innovator, brand and ‘voice of the customer’ advocate.


Jonathan has over 35 years of marketing and marketing research experience working in multiple categories and with some of the world’s largest brands.

His book ‘Getting It Right! Lessons on Insight-Driven Marketing Strategy” is the full expression of his end-to-end approach to driving marketing strategy and product-market fit.

After the session you’ll:

  • Understand the power of insights and how they can be applied to targeting, branding, strategy, integrated marketing, and growth
  • Know that there is nothing more important than understanding the marketplace, your consumer, knowing how to spend your money, and where to spend it for impact
  • Have the benefit of Jonathan’s lessons learnt and ‘watch-outs’ from marketing and marketing research at Fortune 500 companies, and with some of the biggest brands and new product innovations in the world

There will also be plenty of time to ask Jonathan your own questions.


Check out Jonathan’s book:  Getting it Right!  Lessons on Insight-Driven Marketing Strategy

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Get your early bird ticket to the Fitness & Recreation Industry Technology Summit to be held at Dockside, Sydney from 21- 22 July 2021 + access to all pre-event webinars + bonus resources for the early bird price of $395 (or $445 for a VIP experience ticket).

This event will improve your efficiencies, effectiveness and profitability of your fitness business through technology. This will completely transform your business.There are two things very clear about the success of a fitness business: we need members and we need to keep members. Today, technology is a key component in achieving both these goals.

At the Fitness & Recreation Industry Technology Summit 2021, you will learn what the consumer is thinking, doing and wanting thanks to data that has been collected. You will walk away with thoughts and ideas on using technology to strengthen your business.

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