Filex 2019 Insights from Nikki Williams

Being my first ever FILEX, I had high expectations and the event delivered on all of them.  It was a well organised, welcoming, information packed, high energy event – just the way I like them!

The highlight for me was more of a theme throughout the women presenters at the convention. Turia Pitt’s inspirational story and keynote was a highlight, right next to the Women of Influence session and my takeaway from both of these experiences is  Excuses are BS.

As I sat listening to Turia with everything she has endured and she is still on stage, completing endurance events, parenting and has a wicked sense of humour – I have no excuse.  With Chantal Brodrick hosting the amazing band of females at the Women of Influence sessions, all of which shared some of their struggles with us and they are standing strong with more than ever to offer – I have no excuse.

So my first golden nugget has to be – get out of your own way, get help/support/mentoring and be brave.  No excuses.

I enjoyed all the presentations I attended and went into each one with an open mind and found something in each session to apply to my current job roles.  I switched ‘hats’ a lot and found gold everywhere.

Bobby Cappuccio said something that really resonated with me.  It is not ‘sales’, it is leading someone to a decision, any decision. Don’t sell, solve.  This is a great reminder that the fitness industry is a service industry and we are here to serve.

Mark Fisher is a gem and I sat, and danced, in a few of his sessions.  The phrase I have taken home from Mark is ‘find a common enemy and fight it’.  Now, full disclosure, when he first said it, I resisted it because I come from a different direction to ‘fighting’ stuff but I sat with it and I LOVE it.  I have friends/colleagues who knowingly work this way and I can see how I can add value, create content and hone my PT niche further with this approach.  I have put it in play already.

I would totally go again.  Why? I have 3 words for you – people, perspective and presence.

The people – making friends, networking, creating business opportunities and learning from them all. So important and so much fun.  The Perspective – working on my business rather than working in it, gives me perspective.  It reinvigorated me and I returned to work with a fresh energy.  This is so important as we can become so isolated just working away on our business and coming out of that spaces is imperative to keep moving forward. And finally presence – BE THERE or be square!  It is the place to be.  Book it now and see you there.