Filex 2019 Insights from Sean O’Shea

If there’s one thing I LOVE about the Fitness Industry right now, it’s the quality of information we can access to as trainers, managers and business owners. Personally, I’ve always loved attending the Filex weekend for this very reason. Where else can you immerse yourself in professional-development for a whole weekend, surround yourself with other passionate fit-pros, and leave with a head full of actionable take-aways other than Filex?

After what was a mentally exhausting and challenging 4-days of education, I can honestly say that Filex 2019 will go down as one of the most beneficial self-development events I’ve attended in my 15 years as a fitness professional.

This year, the team at Filex out-did themselves when it came to the quality of presenters on offer. With international presenters like Chris Stevenson, John Rusin and Sarah Kooperman, and many home grown sessions from the likes of Kristen Green, Chantal Brodrick and Justin Tamsett there was plenty on offer. Honestly, the toughest part was deciding what sessions to attend.


My Highlight from Filex 2019

As you can probably tell I loved the weekend. If I had to pick a single highlight, for me it was Mark Fisher. Although super entertaining, for me the content that Mark covered was incredibly thought-provoking. From an education standpoint, I personally I spend a lot of time reading and learning about the science of training. What I loved about Mark’s talk, was that it gave me the opportunity to learn about the customer experience, and how improving that can have huge impacts for both our clients and our business.


3 Golden Nuggets from Filex 2019

  1. The Importance of Feedback – Feedback can be scary at times. Although it can be tough to hear, knowing how you can improve in both business and leadership will have a significant positive impact. For us, we’ll be taking feedback systems super-seriously moving forward in the hope of giving our team a better place to work, a client’s a voice and use feedback to build the PPT of the future.
  2. Creating community is a contact sport – loved this one from JT. In a world that’s going digital, people still crave and need face to face interaction. Growing a community, whether it’s within our teams or client base, requires some ‘physicality’ from us!
  3. Systems, Systems, Systems – I’m a big fan of systemization, but Filex took that to another level! Systems give our staff support, confidence and guidance. They give our clients consistency in service and product. And they give our business the best chances to scale and measure our progress.


Why others should attend in 2020

For me, one of the bigger reasons to attend Filex is to take time out of your business or day-to-day, to think about your business! So of my biggest take-aways of the weekend were through listening to a presenter, thinking about how it may or may not apply to me, and making it my own. You simply can’t do that kind of stuff in your own 4 walls!