Members Love Earned Status | #FitnessBiz2024

The concept of status for many consumers is closely linked to the desire for recognition, social validation and a sense of belonging.

In gyms, studios and with trainers the essential element that members want to know is that their status is earned and cannot be bought as that devalues the status.

In 2024, you can build earned status based on:

  • Number of workouts
  • Years you've been a member
  • Number of friends referred to the club or studio

Across the world, studios recognise the number of workouts better than any other business model. They celebrate the first session and then right through to the 1000th workout!

Want to Know More?

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November is #FitnessBiz Month:

  • 14th – Gold Coast
  • 15th – Brisbane
  • 20th – Perth
  • 21st – Adelaide
  • 22nd – Melbourne
  • 27th – Sydney
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