Our Mystery Shopping team recently discovered a problem that could have had such a negative impact, not to mention lost sales for one of our Mystery Shopping clients.

Upon conducting our regular Mystery Shop Calls, we discovered that not only was the phone regularly going unanswered but when our calls did finally go through to a recorded message – it was an old 2020 message stating the Centre was currently closed due to Covid Lockdown!

How long had this been happening?  Were they aware of the full impact of this ‘blind spot’?  How many sales opportunities had been lost?

Blind Spots exist in all businesses.  In fact it is almost impossible to not have blind spots in any business.  The first step is to recognise that they exist and once we do this then we can figure out what they are and how to get past them.

To tackle blind spots you need to firstly bring in a third party who can give a fresh perspective and reflect back on what they are witnessing and seeing in your business.  Mystery Shopping allows you not only to identify opportunities for improvement but to also identify where things go wrong and therefore allow you to quickly control the wide variety of scenarios that may occur and the ‘blind spots’ such as this discovery in our recent case study.

Our clients were able to act quickly and resolve the situation.

Consider Mystery Shopping as your business health check.  The cost of a good quality Mystery Shopping program pales into significance when you look at it from this point of view.  Stories like this case is what makes Mystery Shopping truly valuable!