Mystery Shopping for the Fitness Industry

You Cannot Hide From These Two Facts

  1. You need sales every month.
  2. How you handle every sales enquiry will determine the success of your business.

We can guarantee after your first month of mystery shopping your business, you will learn how well your team follows your sales system.  The information you will glean will have a massive impact on the business, your sales management and your individual sales people.

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In Just 30 Days You’ll Find Out What You Don't Know About Your Sales Process

We’ve been Mystery Shopping the sales process exclusively in the fitness industry since 2005. We have conducted over 13,500 phone enquiries and 3900 walk-in visits across Australia.  And our greatest insight:


“Most owners don't realise they have a sales process problem until people are not joining.”


Prospects could be walking out with a smile on their face and with no membership.  They may have not truly connected with your Team Member.  Solutions to their needs never shown.  Perhaps never actually asked to join.

With mystery shopping you will identify the strengths and weaknesses in your sales system.

Oh and if your staff think they can ‘guess’ the mystery shopper, then their evaluation will be full marks and you have nothing to worry about as our reports will confirm your staff’s thoughts.

You’ll be amazed at what you can learn in just 30 days!

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Be Very Specific In Your Sales Training

Measure Your Frontline Team

Understand exactly what’s happening when someone walks in to your facility.

The first 5 to 7 seconds could make or break a sale.  This is both on the phone and in person.  So our mystery shopper program will provide quality feedback from a phone call and the hand over from the front desk team to a sales person.  It will also include how the prospect is welcomed when they enter the facility.

Having a warm welcome tonality on the phone and in person will enhance the opportunity to make a sale.

We give you feedback on your front line team in your mystery shopping program.

Measure Your Sales Team

Understand exactly what’s happening when someone has a tour and a price presentation in your facility.

Every tour must be personalised based on the prospect’s needs.  If the needs are not uncovered, then engaging tours are very challenging and a price presentation will be an unemotional explanation of prices.

You will find out exactly what is said and done in your sales process to ensure a sale or to ensure follow-up.

Why Measure?

Your Mystery Shopping Program Will Identify Training Areas.

Measuring the number of leads, price presentations and sales is critical for all businesses but there’s a huge blind spot: why don't they convert. Without mystery shopping it’s almost impossible to determine why they didn’t join.

The deep level of insight you receive through our Mystery Shopping program will allow you to focus on specific areas: the needs analysis, tour, price presentation or even overcoming objections.  It is such an effective tool to identify the areas that require attention and improvement and a great foundation to develop strategies to improve.

The data provided drives action through either modifications to or increased employee training.

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What You Get

Online, Phone and In Person visits monitor all areas of communication.  Our Mystery Shoppers are discreet and friendly as we question, observe, interact and are factual in what we report.

Research is a critical part of every business and Mystery Shopping is a great method of carrying out this research.