Mystery Shopping for the Fitness Industry

Mystery shopping gives your business the advantage of discreet and professional self-appraisal for all your sales processes. Your Tailored Mystery Shopper program arms you with the knowledge to make informed training and staffing decisions.

If you want to identify strengths and weaknesses of your customer service standards, sales processes and more, your mystery shopper will tell you the truth.

If you are concerned about how your staff address your enquiries we can create specific strategies to test your company’s overall standing.

We can perform comparisons to your nearest competitors or even gauge your performance against our industry averages.

Overall, we can chart your performance and help you exceed your goals, or set new benchmarks within the fitness industry.

The Program

Together with our team, you will design an extensive checklist for the style and structure of mystery shop you would like performed. You can determine opening questions, specific promotions questions, and times you’d like the mystery shopping to occur. This is your program to help your business!

Every mystery shopper receives the extensive checklist that you have worked with our team to produce.

Depending on your package, you will receive a monthly summary of your club’s performance (plus the individual checklists), allowing you to focus on rewards and training for your team and individuals.

Your Options

Your program can consist of 3 styles of enquiry:

  • Walk-in
  • Phone
  • Email

You can have our mystery shoppers do a tour of your club, a trial workout or even a 7-day pass. All options give valuable feedback on your service standards and sales approach.

Extra Options

We can even have mystery shoppers:

  • call to try to cancel their membership, or
  • pretend to be a member and enquire about personal training or another program/service you offer.

Our Mystery Shoppers

Our team of shoppers are experienced membership consultants with years of experience. When they visit or call, they are not offensive to your staff members, and they will commit to a membership or a visit if your consultant meets the criteria that we set with you.

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