Your Fortnightly Challenge #9

This Fortnight’s Challenge:

  • Be present.
  • Be aware of times that you drift off when speaking with family or work mates.  Bring yourself back immediately.
  • Aim to be physically and mentally present in every human interaction.

Your challenge is to do this every day – even on the weekends with your family – for 14 days.

Every two weeks we pose a challenge for you.  A challenge where the focus is on you – it could be around self-care, getting to know yourself better, or stretching your comfort zone.

And why?

Because we know when you look after yourself physically, mentally and emotionally then you are a better leader.  You will lead your business, your Team and your clients or customers with energy and enthusiasm.  You will #thinkanddodifferent.

Tell us how you go and even what help we can give you.


Next Challenge Starts

Wednesday 1st August

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