IHRSA 2019 Will Supercharge Your Growth

The global fitness industry will descend again to San Diego from March 13th to 16th for the Annual IHRSA Conference.

I attended my first conference back in 1995 and attended for 10 years before making the leap into speaking at the event in 2006.  Next year will be my 13th consecutive year speaking at this incredible event and I’m delivering a brand-new session: Do You Want a Membership Base or a Tribe?

I’m going to explain why people want to be part of a tribe and what we need to be doing in our businesses to form tribes.  And when we do we’ll attract more members and keep members longer.

And while I don’t own a gym, the research is coming from outside the fitness industry and best business practices.  It will be highly relevant with action steps to have a positive impact on your business.

Way more exciting than my presentation will be the FOUR keynotes with:

  1. Chris Riddell – Future Customer 2020
  2. Mel Robbins – The 5 Second Rule
  3. Rohit Bhargava – Be More Trusted In A Sceptical World
  4. Denise Lee Yohn – The Fusion Formula

The best networking event will be The Fitness Business Podcast #FBPFamily Meet up on Wednesday 13th.  This free event brings listeners of the show from all over the world together for an early morning walk.  You can tell Chantal you are coming by clicking here.

Register now using the code “JT19” and you’ll save!!! This code provides you with US$100 off a 4-day, $75 off a 3-day, US$50 off a 2-day and US$25 off a 1-day registration.  Register now at http://hub.ihrsa.org/ihrsa-2019


Grab the IHRSA brochure here.

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