Fitness Marketing Ideas – Simple Fitness Marketing Idea For Personal Trainers

Fitness Marketing Ideas – Simple Fitness Marketing Idea For Personal Trainers

In this Fitness Marketing Idea Justin Tamsett of Active Management shares with us one simple Fitness Marketing Idea that every Gym or Personal Trainer can use in their marketing to improve both membership sales and membership retention.

In a world where service is moving on-line, in the fitness industry it is very difficult for us to not need people somewhere along the member’s lifetime.

Which I believe is a massive asset to our retention. 

You see people love recognition. It can be a status thing, where people feel better about themselves when others know their name. And use their name.

The non-negotiable aspect of working in the fitness industry: know people’s names. We should strive to welcome every body by name when they walk in and as they leave. We should strive to perform CRC’s in a group class, using people’s names.

And as we walk the gym floor, we should strive to acknowledge everyone by name.

This could well be the differentiating factor in a competitive environment or the key to improving retention.

Great video for gyms and fitness centres on marketing ideas and tips.

If you want to improve your fitness business then you need not look any further than Active Management!

In our series of fitness marketing video tips Justin Tamsett of Active Management shares loads of tips, tools and strategies.  You can see them on the You Tube channel: Fitness Marketing.

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