Susan Kingsmill: Why I Should Be A Director of Fitness Australia

I am seeking re-election because I believe that independent operators, people who actually work at the coal face of the industry every day must be on the board.

For of you who don’t know me:Picture Susan

  • I have owned  and operated a single fitness centre for over 30 years. It is a family business on which the entire extended family depends.
  • I am without vested interest. I represent no other business. I do not seek to promote myself. It has always been that way which is why I am viewed as a trusted and experienced pair of hands to represent the fitness industry. You can rely on me  to be scrupulously fair, dogmatically practical and courageously outspoken.
  • I have been a director of Fitness Australia board for 10 years and President for 5 years.
  • I led the association during amalgamation from state based to the united national association it is today.
  • I led Fitness Australia during the battle against the PPCA  
  • I have worked tirelessly for over a decade for the industry and as a result I have a high profile and the respect of industry leaders . I leverage this respect and recognition regularly in my role as director to represent your best interests.

The music issue has not been resolved. Background music rate is a highly contentious issue. I have been directly involved with the industry’s music copyright issues for almost 10 years. There is no one else who has the facts, the history or the passion to see this issue finally resolved.

I am deeply concerned about the future role of small business operators as directors of Fitness Australia. Fitness Australia lacks pathways for capable small business people to gain governance experience that is really necessary to be an effective board director.

Every vote for me will tell the board that you care about this as well and if re-elected I shall be as dogged about correcting this as I was about beating the PPCA.

You can contact me at Hiscoes Fitness Centre: 02 9699 9222