Australia’s First Fitness Industry Technology Summit Has 21 Speakers To Help You


You have so much data on your prospects and members.

Did you know that using technology in your fitness business it is possible to predict the behaviour, purchases and length of time your members or clients stay with you! The question is: are you using that data to make smart business decisions?

Most fitness business owners are what is called “data rich and knowledge poor” and the Fitness Industry Technology Summit has been designed for you to be knowledge rich!

We have 18 speakers that will be on stage from 6pm Thursday 25th July to 5pm on Friday 26th July. Add to that three BONUS sessions prior to the summit with:

  • Bryan O’Rourke, President of the Fitness Industry Tech Council;
  • Sam Mutimer, Managing Director of Think Tank Social; and
  • Alan Leach, Chief Executive of the Westwood Club.

Your ticket for this incredible event will shape your business for the future, have you embrace technology and ensure increased efficiencies and therefore profit!

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