Fiona Kriaris Shares Why Fitness Australia Business Members Should Vote For Her

Why should you vote for Fiona Kriaris as a Business Member for Fitness Australia?

This blog isn’t about my credentials or skillset, but rather some insight into my purpose and the ‘why’ behind my nomination to be on the Board of Directors for Fitness Australia.

To know the present sometimes there needs to be an understanding of the past. When I think about how long I have been in the health and fitness industry I always refer back to when I was 16 years old, when I had my first gym membership at Ivanhoe Aquatic Centre. Ever since that time over 22 years ago I was converted to a life-long intentional practice of health and wellness. In my youth I had a belief that it wasn’t possible to make a career in the area I loved the most, I had to reside to health and wellness as just being a passionate hobby. I began to make decisions about my career with this attachment, I thought because I was labelled an academic that becoming an accountant would be sensible. Those who know me may laugh at this as it may be difficult to imagine.  I was so committed to what I thought was “right” rather than what was in my heart. So much so that I completed my high school work experience at Coopers & Lybrand accounting firm, I confidently selected all the subjects that would successfully attain my position in what I seriously refereed to as my dream course of Commerce majoring in accounting, and I even had potential clients lined up at the end of my degree.  All I was doing was striving for a dream that I had moulded that wasn’t connected to any personal purpose. While I had the confidence in trusting my own potential, I didn’t have the freedom to lose myself from my own restrictions.

It was this moment in university that I endured what felt like an internal tornado. What I had firmly created as my foundation – my future, was suddenly upheaved with true misalignment. It was then that I was presented with my first BIG life lesson.  The light of my heart and soul was slowly dimming with every profit or loss statement. What was the lesson? Achieving high results in something doesn’t automatically make it the sole purpose of the soul, no matter what the left brain tells you. I vowed to follow what I love and I gave myself time to discover what that truly was and is. I learnt that I wasn’t going to build a career but rather a life purpose.  While this is an evolution, I can now whole heartedly say that it involves people. I have a genuine love for people, with a purpose to create wellbeing for all through collective collaboration.  This is why I live and breathe health and wellness, not just in the industry but more importantly in the community – with people.

This has been a major contributing factor as to why I love working with YMCA Victoria over the past eight years. One of the largest operators in Australia Leisure and the largest YMCA association globally, means I get to work with over 6000 staff and 1200 volunteers. Together we have the ability to have a profound impact in making people and communities healthier and more connected. Being on the Board of Directors for Fitness Australia would add another element and depth to have even greater collective impact, with the uniform goal in getting more people, more active, more often.

Voting is open to Fitness Australia’s AusREP Members and Business Members between 1st and 18th November 2019. Members are encouraged to cast their vote using the link in an email that they receive from TrueVote.

If you need further information or have any questions regarding the ballot procedures contact Liz Richardson at Fitness Australia on 1300 211 311 or email