2020 has been an incredibly tough year for our industry, particularly in Victoria.  What we need now is a united front to move our industry forward and that is why I have nominated for the Board of Fitness Australia.

I have been in this great industry for nearly 30 years.  The past 20 I have run my own boutique fitness studio in Melbourne.  Over the years we have struggled with issues of credibility and respect from the public, government and allied health.

I believe we are now at a crucial cross roads where some tough decisions need to be made, and we need to come together as a strong and confident voice for our industry.  The leadership being shown by Barrie Elvish and the team at Fitness Australia has been amazing.  I want to add my solid commitment to their work by volunteering my time to join the Board of Fitness Australia.

Running a small business is tough, we all know that.  Over the years I have given everything to my business.  20 years of operation has certainly helped maintain our survival this year.  So now I want to share some of my time to help support the strong future of our great industry.

We change lives!  Even on the toughest days, when you honestly question why you run a small business in this industry, know that you are helping others achieve better health.  That’s why we are here.

I am determined to make a difference.  Fitness is more than a part time gig, it can be a strong and fulfilling career.  I would love the opportunity to support you in growing your business, career and the health of your clients.

About Jane

Jane Kilkenny is a health and fitness expert with nearly 30 years experience. She specialises in kids and adolescent fitness and high performance.

She is the owner and Director at Fitness Energy, a boutique studio in Melbourne.

Voting is now officially open for board elections.

Business members would have received an email from TrueVote with a specific link directing them to the voting platform whereby they can cast their votes. Voting closes 2nd November.

Not a Business Member and want to have a vote? Go to www.Fitness.org.au and join now.