JTInTheRaw is your weekly business development show: I chew the thin on business. And after 30 years in business I have a few thins to chew. Making you think and do differently in 2020.

Catch up on the November 2020 JTInTheRaw shows for stacks of fitness business coaching tips.

How to Hire the Right People with ONE Interview Question

One of the things that I love to help businesses with is how to get the right people working for you. This show is about helping you ask one extra question to identify the best person to work for you.


How to Build Courage & Bravery in the Workplace

Have you ever found yourself playing it safe rather than speaking up, making a change, or even taking a chance only to regret it later? Have you ever sat in a meeting and thought “If I only had the guts to say something.” Let’s face it. In all honesty, most of us may wish that at times we were a little braver as a leader, in our job, in our career, and perhaps a little braver in our lives. What is bravery anyway? We have opportunities to be brave every day and every day we are brave we build our brave muscle. In this video we are going to focus on having courage and bravery in the workplace to speak up and share your thoughts. Also, how to build courage and bravery in the workplace so your team feel comfortable bringing this up and having conversations with you as a leader.


How to Analyze the Health of Your Business

Your business is like a human body. It needs a checkup. Let’s talk about analyzing our own business. Specifically, analyzing what we do in our business in order to make our business stronger and healthier. When it comes to our health we see an expert because sometimes we are talking about life and death. When we are thinking about a business we can also be talking about life and death. There are markers in our business that indicate the health of our business.


How To Fertilize Your Learnings for Growth & Personal Development

How much did you learn this week? It’s a serious question and the answer certainly determines your growth and your personal development. So far I’m at 28 learnings for the week! What are you doing to fertilize your learnings?


Get Your Message Across Using Metaphors | Communication Skills

As a leader, it is your responsibility to get your message across to your team, customers, and your stakeholders. I want to talk to you about getting your message across, either verbally or written, in a clearer way using metaphors. As leaders, our responsibility is clear, succinct, concise communication, and metaphors will help you do exactly that.