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4 Steps to Help You Make Tough Decisions in Business | JTintheRaw 266

How to make hard decisions as a leader is something we all struggle with. This week I helped 3 clients make really tough decisions in their business by using a 4-step process I had read about and it worked for them! In my own company, we made a tough decision recently and I used the same 4 steps to thoroughly cover every aspect of the decision and felt very comfortable with the tough decision. You will too when you use this formula!


10 Reasons For Sharing Your Best Practices in Business | JTintheRaw 267

For the growth of your organization, you need to identify & implement the best practices in your business to make it stand out from the rest. Furthermore, companies, businesses & departments that share these practices make an even greater impact in both their own business and in the world.


Flexibility in Leadership: How to Be The RIGHT Leader For ANY Situation | 268

Are you the right leader for any project you take on or any unique situation? Being able to adapt your leadership “style” means knowing yourself, recognizing your strengths and weaknesses, and leaving room for growth and flexibility. Here are 3 tips for creating your own unique approach to management.


Business Leaders: 3 Tips For Putting Your Health First | 269

There are so many components to being successful as a leader and running a successful business but the number one component is your own health. Learn about the SMS strategy which are 3 steps to help you map out your personal health & wellness plan.


3 Things You Should Be Doing In Your Sales Process | Show 270

I recently went to 3 different retailers to purchase a barbecue and would have bought from any one of those salespeople if they’d just done three things. In this video, I share all 3 experiences, who ended up making the sale, why, and then give you three tips for what you should be doing in your sales process.