JTInTheRaw is your weekly business development show: I chew the thin on business. And after 30 years in business I have a few thins to chew. Making you think and do differently in 2021.

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Rebuilding Your Business as a Purpose-Driven Organization | JTInTheRaw 263

Data & research prove that purpose-driven companies experience increases in market share, faster growth, workforce retention, and customer satisfaction. With businesses reopening, pivoting, and clamoring for market share & staff, it is essential to focus on identifying & articulating your company’s core purpose.


Consistency is Key to the Success of Your Business | JTInTheRaw 264

Consistency is key to the success of your business. In reality, the best companies are consistent in every area of their business: brand, products & services, growth, and management. As a leader, are you consistent in everything you do?


Triple-H Formula for Guaranteed Business Success in 2022 | JTintheRaw 265

If you’re going to be a successful leader in 2022 you want to know more about best business practices, consumer trends beyond your business, growing your network, and creating better opportunities. Here’s a Triple-H formula to help you achieve all of these goals and to be undefeated in 2022!

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