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Since its inception, Marpo Fitness has dedicated itself to manufacturing innovative, safe, and versatile fitness equipment.  Marpo Fitness has single handily created a “rope” trainer category that has revolutionized the fitness industry with a total body, cardio and strength training solution, in a small footprint, and inclusive of all users; athletes, trainers, everyday gym-goers, seniors, handi-capable…everyone!

Marpo Fitness is invested in lasting results for the user and in manufacturing one of the most durable products on the market.  Specifically, in the past 7 plus years, Marpo Fitness products has incorporated a robust “magnetic braking” system which creates the “low impact” resistance.  This reliable and tested “magnetic braking” system is now implemented in our brand-new Functional Tire Trainer.

From the Professional Athletes, to Seniors, to Physical Therapy and everyone in between… virtually anyone can improve their fitness levels and overall wellness.  Marpo Fitness provides simple to use, safe, fun and challenging fitness solutions for unquestioned results.

In order to promote wellness, positive energy, fun, and create/regain a sense of community for your members and staff, then look no further than Marpo Fitness Functional Training Equipment…

About Marpo Fitness

Over the past +14 years, Marpo Fitness has been manufacturing total body, low impact, cardio and strength functional training products. With unmatched versatility in a small footprint, Marpo Fitness products allow for low and high intensity movement patterns that have direct transfer to everyday life as well as athletic performance.