The resounding answer is peer to peer coaching:

  • Tapping into the knowledge and experience of fellow business owners allows you to receive multiple perspectives on business challenges and solutions.
  • Truly empathetic support from the same people who are facing the same pain, means you are not alone.

This month in The Fitness Business Podcast’s new show: The Value Proposition, Eddie Tock the President of Rex Roundtables spoke with host, Sarah Pellegrino. They were joined by REX Members:

  • Jeff Sanders, CEO of Apex Athletic Clubs
  • Lisa Gorsline, President of Corpus Christi Athletic Club.
  • Kevin McHugh, COO of Atlantic Club

These 3 members of REX Roundtables expressed the value they have received for their business thanks to this form of business coaching. But it was the personal support that pulls on your heart strings. The deep personal connection and care that members have for each other, shows the difference between REX Roundtables and any other program available in the industry.

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