How A Former Gym Owner Can Add Value To Your Business

I may not own a gym any longer – so I’m not in the trenches of one fitness business model.

Rather, I spend my time studying ALL fitness business models, which I believe adds greater value to my Industry Leaders Roundtable members, coaching clients and members of the Active management community.

In 2018, I trained as a prospect or a member in 65 facilities across 23 cities. I’m very confident I have a greater understanding of the frictions points, the service standards, the communication channels and what can be done differently.

Additional to looking at various fitness business models, I look at all types of businesses to see what they are doing well that could be transferred into our amazing industry.

One historic challenge for our industry is being too myopic.  What I mean is that we keep looking within our industry to get better.  This just means we rip off and duplicate rather than truly innovate. 

My goal with the clients I work with is to innovate.  I want them to think about challenges and opportunities differently.  Then most of all I want them to action, I want them to do differently! 

Absolutely, we can learn from the best so keeping an eye on the best in our industry is essential.  We need to see and understand what they are doing that makes them the best.  We also need to keep trying to differentiate your business from your competitors, so we must also continue to look at the best strategic principles from outside the industry.

In 2019, you can work with me in several ways:

  1. Join the Industry Leaders Roundtable.  In a non-competitive environment a consistent group of owners discuss, learn and challenge each other.  I have a Roundtable for independent gym owners in Australia, one in New Zealand for fitness business owners, and a NSW personal trainers roundtable.  You can find out more here or email me and we can chat about the best option for you.
  2. NEW coaching packages that can be a phone coaching for 6 sessions of 12 months.  You can see this one to one option by clicking here and I can work with you no matter where in the world you are based. You can email me and we can chat about the best option for you if you prefer.
  3. We can grab a coffee. You can bring up to 3 business challenges you’d like to discuss and we’ll work through strategies or operations. You can bring your team and we can talk about one or two issues to have them motivated and inspired to drive the business.  See when I’m in your area by clicking here.
  4. Join The Active Management Community For FREE.  We have an amazing closed Facebook Group for fitness business owners, managers, leaders and entrepreneurs where I share resources and opportunities!  Its free and its easy.  Click here to join.
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