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Hear JT Speak

This month JT will be speaking at IHRSA in San Diego.  This will be his 14th year speaking at IHRSA – from what we can tell!  His topics are:

  • Keeping Social Media ‘Social’: Essentials to a Successful Campaign on Thursday 22nd @ 2pm
  • Building Your Fitness Business Starts in the Locker Room on Friday @ 11am. Let JT explain what this session is about:


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Free Resource #1: Your Perfect Reading List

Last month The Fitness Business Podcast published the second annual ‘The Books That Shaped Our Leaders.’  This is your comprehensive list of books that guests on The Fitness Business Podcast have recommended.  Every entry has a book summary and a link to purchase the book!  It could not be any simpler!

To grab your free copy of ‘The Books That Shaped Our Leadersclick here.

Free Resource #2: A Coaching Session With JT

If you are not already subscribed to the Active Management enews, then subscribe in March and you’ll receive a free 30 minute coaching session with JT at a time that suits you – no matter where in the world you are located!

Just go to and follow the links.

Free Resource #3: The Impact Sales Club

Through Dr J’s weekly coaching sessions, which are held via Facebook Live on Wednesdays at 8pm (AEST), and Saturdays at 7am (AEST), you’ll share in valuable and practical information that you can apply in your own business and life, which WILL make a difference.

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You Won’t Believe How Cheap This Resource Is: 7 Point ‘About Us’ Page Checklist

Recent survey data shows us that when new visitors first land on a website:

  • 47% make a beeline to the Products and Service pages
  • 33% browse the homepage before jumping around elsewhere
  • 16% check out the About Us page

In the fitness industry, this last percentage would be higher as prospects want to “see” the people who will be training them.

If more than 16% of your traffic — or greater than 16 out of 100 visitors — are keen on learning more about you and your brand and you’re not telling them, you are missing an opportunity.

We have put together a check list to beef up your ‘About Us’ page with the information prospects want to know and the price for this – ONLY 9.90!

Grab your 7 Point ‘About Us’ Page Checklist now by clicking here.

March’s Dead Set Bargain

How to Use Guerrilla Marketing To Grow Your Fitness Business

Get your name, services and products in front of potential prospects without spending a fortune – what a great idea!

If your fitness business’s profit is determined by new customers that are attracted through minimal marketing spend, then guerrilla marketing is critical. If your income is determined by your ability to attract leads and convert them into paying customers then you are undoubtedly looking for competitive ways to increase your leads.  Guerrilla marketing is the most cost effective way to engage with people, connect with them as leads and work with them to become customers.

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Use the code ‘Active’ to save $75 and grab your copy for only $24.

Member Exclusive: See Inside George Foreman III’s ‘Everybody Fights’

Members this month had a sneaky peak inside Boston’s #1 boxing gym: Everybody Fights.  JT was over there last year and this pictorial explanation of the gym shows it is not just about boxing!  You can see inside this gym and others from all over the world as a Silver Member.

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Attention Aussies: Filex 2018 Is A Must And Save $50

The annual FILEX Business Summit is an incredible opportunity to learn first-hand lessons from the world’s most successful business owners and operators. Brand new in 2018 is more business content – with an amazing group of speakers that will provide both the inspiration and motivation to improve your business, and also practical and solution orientated ideas that you can take home and implement right after the event.

The Business Summit is an event not to be missed, and if you are wanting to really maximise your experience at FILEX 2018, then the Business Gold Pass is the perfect registration for you.

A Business Gold Pass includes access to all the key FILEX events, the Business Summit and Business Breakfast to catch global thought leader Anders Sorman-Nillson . Plus you’ll enjoy exclusive, premium benefits such as priority check-in, reserved seating at the Friday keynote address, and unrestricted access to the Gold Pass Suite (including free WiFi).

Go to and use the code ACTIVEMGT to receive $50 off registration.