Welcome to the aerial view of the fitness industry show 6!

This show has come about as many of you are working so hard in the business you don’t get a chance to stand up and see what’s happening in the industry.

I go after world leaders in our industry who are across multiple industry sectors and multiple countries to give you a truly aerial view of the industry!

What you’ll love about this series, is that I chew the thin with an International industry legend in a raw, authentic interview. There is no editing and I have no idea what our guest will say, so this can go anywhere!

So far we have chatted with:

These can all be seen on the Active Management YouTube Channel.

And today I am super stoked to chat with: Chris Stevenson from Stevenson Empowers!

Chris current focus is to help businesses and entrepreneurs of all types maximize potential. His expertise stems from his past hands-on experience in all aspects of the health club industry. For almost 20 years, Chris and his team successfully owned and operated Stevenson Fitness, a full-service boutique health club in Southern California. The club’s success was based on providing an unparalleled member experience, centered on proper staffing, systematic operations, and world-class leadership. This success was reflected in the club’s NPS, which was consistently in the 90s (industry average is in the 40s).

Chris is an international speaker who regularly presents at IHRSA, Club Industry, IDEA and many other fitness and business events.

He also sits on the board of directors of IHRSA and the Customer Engagement Academy. From health and wellness to business strategies,

Chris has the unique ability to instantaneously connect with people and to present viable, applicable lectures that resonate with every audience. 

So he is man of many hats and perfect for an aerial view of our industry!

Welcome Chris!


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