Listening To A Podcast Is Easy – Let’s Show You!

No one can ever say we do not try things at Active Management.  And there are some things I do that work and others that don’t!

The Fitness Business Product is a project that has worked! I am proud of what Chantal, our amazing host, and I have done over the past 2 and a half years! We have achieved so much: 160K+ downloads, over 140 shows and some of the biggest names in the fitness industry & business world have been interviewed. Bring on 2018!

I very rarely ask our blog readers for any help. As The Fitness Business Podcast is a FREE resource we don’t have big budgets for mass marketing, so I am asking for your help.

Your Help Please . . . 

We just need more people to know how to download our podcast and this is where you come in.  Can you please share this video with your fitness team, fitness colleagues and anyone else you think could benefit from listening to our show.

Thanks so much in advance . . .

Justin is the Managing Director of Active Management, which he began January 2004. He offers coaching to businesses worldwide in everything from start up and design to marketing and sales systems. Justin also facilitates four Australian and New Zealand ‘fitness industry roundtables’ events, which allows him to see a huge cross section of business models.

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